Forever daddy

No matter how old I get, you’ll always be “daddy” to me. When mum died I was only 11; nobody thought you’d be able to care for two young children on your own. It was a challenge for sure, but you fought. Not just to do the job as both a mother and father; you had to fight against everyone’s doubt that you could even do the job as a dad. But you never cared what other people thought, that’s why you overcame so many barriers.

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It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining and it’s not too hot. Lily woke me up at 7.30 as usual, with a little cold and feeling sorry for herself. That’s ok, I am here to comfort her and quite frankly, who am I to decline a cuddle.

After breakfast Lily and I take a walk over to one of the playgrounds in the area. It’s full of children and their… nannies. A few mothers but mostly nannies. I smile a bit to myself as I feel grateful for having the possibility to be with my child. The funny thing is that every child on that playground have parents with MUCH more money than me, yet I am the privileged one. But I think most of them don’t see it that way, I think they see me as the poor young lady who can’t afford a nanny.

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In São Paulo… part 4

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In São Paulo…

31) …there are parents who never changed a diaper.

32) …some people exercise by walking in circles on the patio within their apartment premises, even though they live only 15 minutes walk away from a 221ha park.

33) …gym outfits come from a different universe.

34) …plastic surgery is like going for a latte WITH a cookie. You only do it every so often…

35) …you’ll never be served a meal without rice and beans, even if that meal comes with potatoes.

36) …everything you buy can be paid by instalments. Even a €10 box of painkillers at the pharmacy.

Easter egg, pay by instalments. Up to 10 months iterest free!

Easter egg, pay by instalments. Up to 10 months iterest free!

37) …shopping malls are places you dress up for.

38) …clothes from Zara cost more on sales than it does new in Europe.

39) …you’re not necessarily safer on the sidewalk than you’d be if you were walking in the middle of the street.

40) …it’s extremely hard to find a decent cup of coffee

…to be continued!



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Mummy Life

IMG_20140802_113414The mummy brain has been in another place lately and without any new ideas of what to write about. It’s a little odd considering the many new things going on in my life at the minute; little smiles, little giggles, little yawns, little coughs…

Being a mother; it’s everything I never expected.

She’s now almost 6 months, 7680g and 66cm. Every day is a blessing, I still look at her like I did 6 months ago, stunned at how perfect she is, stunned at how much I love her. I often look at her when she is sleeping in my arms, and I get teary. I tear up because what I feel is so strong. I look at her and pray that she will always be happy and healthy. I worry about dying, about leaving her. I look at her and think about my mother who died when I was only 11. I now realize how hard it must have been on mom when she found out she was sick. I have been selfish, thinking it was harder on my sister and I.

I’m terrified of losing Lily, and of her losing us.

Today my husband and I have been together 7 years. Who would have thought that, that kiss, all those years ago, would lead to something so amazing, so perfect! I’m really blessed with a husband who respects and loves me, and a baby who rocks our world. I am proud to have a Brazilian daughter, a daughter that is full of life, love and culture.

Apart from family life, Brazil continues to deliver and I am still loving São Paulo.



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Mamães de SP: Uma Doença Chamada “Gravidez”

Durante os primeiros vinte semanas não deu para ver que estava gravida. As minhas amigas sabiam claro, e me trataram com muito carinho. Muito mesmo.

Não é porque sou ingrata e não quero desrespeitar ninguém. Mas eu sou assim; forte, independente e incapaz de pedir ajuda. Eu gosto de conseguir sozinha, e detesto quando as pessoas me tratam como uma coitadinha ou fraca. Ainda menos quando não acho justificado. Acho que aqui no Brasil há muita frescura em relação a gravidez e crianças. Acho realmente que os nórdicos são… bem, somos Vikings!

Lembro-me quando fui dar uma aula de inglês, e contei a minha aluna que tinha andado de bicicleta no domingo. Ela ficou surpreendida, e perguntou se posso mesmo andar de bicicleta enquanto gravida. Outra amiga não me deixou andar pelo lado de fora na calçada e trocou comigo, colocando a vida dela em “mais risco” do que a minha. Achei bonitinho o gesto, mas não necessário so porque estava gravida. Continue reading

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My Kitchen: Kale Chips

IMG_20140426_220356Here is another recommendation from my friend Johanna! She told me these were just amazing so I had to give it a try.

Simply toss small pieces of kale in olive oil and salt, put on an oven tray and leave in oven for IMG_20140426_214433about 8 minutes in 150ºc. They come out salty and crispy, a great snack that conveniently combined well with a glass of red. My new substitute for potato chips!



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My Kitchen: Raw Balls

IMG_20140426_212415When I first heard about Raw Balls I wasn’t the least tempted to try them out, the name just doesn’t do it for me. But the other day my friend Johanna ❤ said she had made them and that they were delicious, so I thought I had to give it a try. When I realised it’s a small snack that is crazy simple and cheap to make, and healthy too (well I guess that depends on what you chose to put in them), I understood I’ve been missing out. Continue reading

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My Kitchen: Green Pea Soup

IMG_20140312_181834I started liking soup when I lived in Portugal, I’m not sure if it’s because I simply grew up or because they just make fabulous soup there. Either way, there is nothing better than a nice warm soup on a cold or rainy day.

Today is one of those days, it is almost like a winter’s day with rain drizzling down and only 19ºc. I’m wearing jeans and a sweater for the first time this year and I have even considered getting out the duvet. But, then I know this is São Paulo, so the weather changes like I change my undies. Tomorrow could be 25ºc and sunny again.

Ayhoo, today calls for soup! Today’s recipe is from this (Swedish) site and it is super easy to make. As usual there are some variations to my version.

1tsp rapeseed oil
1 onion
4dl water
1 cube of veggie stock
600g frozen green peas
1,5dl milk
Black pepper

IMG_20140312_181123Dice the onion and fry it in the oil without letting it get brown, add water, stock and peas and let boil for about 8 minutes.

With a hand blender, mix everything until smooth, add the milk and pepper to taste. If it is too thick add more water. Delicious and super easy and quick. Add a bit of Creme Fraiche or a cream cheese of your choice, and serve with a piece bread on the side!



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My Kitchen: Diced! Dessert Bracket: Nutty Chocolate Fudge


1397143236467The other week I entered a dessert contest for fun, I didn’t think I would actually be chosen but I was and I was asked to make fudge. Shit. I had never made fudge before, but I eventually found an easy and yummy recipe that I made and sent through. You find my entry here.

Now it is up to you guys to vote!! Every week there are two dessert pairings against each other and only one will go through to the next round. I am up against Chocolaty cookies, a pretty hard one to beat so please help me 🙂

Please please vote for me!!

My entry is Nutty Chocolate Fudge by CJ

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Mamães de SP: A Bela Gravidez

Foi em 2013 que o meu marido me deu o melhor presente de aniversario, só que na altura não sabia o quanto ia amar. Com tantos homens e mulheres que não conseguem engravidar ou que não são compatíveis nesta area, tivemos uma sorte do caramba.

Não estávamos tentando engravidar, e só foi uma vez que nos não protegemos. O meu marido é o “culpado” pois eu não estava a espera… if you know what I mean. Era o meu aniversario de 34 anos, tinha bebido vários caipirinhas e partilhado uma garrafa de vinho com ele. Normalmente tanto álcool me faz dormir bem, mas esta noite so consegui pensar “e se tou gravida…?” Nos dias seguintes fui pesquisar na net sobre quando a mulher engravida, mas como não tinha a certeza da data do meu último período não consegui entender bem se era o dia de ovulação ou não. Duas semanas depois comprei um teste de gravidez que deu positivo. Comprei mais um, positivo… Vixi, e agora!? Continue reading

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