Brazil, the Country of the Future?

I recently came across Quinta do Gomariz blog ( one of my favorite green wines. Today they have written a post about an event they held where Brazilian journalists and wine lovers joined them, and the discussions turned to the possibility of the Brazilian authorities inventing yet another tax, or whatever they want to call it, to be charged on imports.

I have had the same conversation with several people over the last week. I just don’t get why they are making it so difficult. It’s not like I HAVE to drink Portuguese wines, I’m actually excited about getting to know South American wines which I am guessing is more common (read cheaper) in Brazil. But still.

Back to my question, why are they making it so hard for international companies to get into their markets? A friend said that for every foreigner there must be three Brazilian employees, and that’s only one of the requirements. And as she said, that might be alright for a company with say 100 employees. But what if a company wants to open a small office with only one person to start with? Someone from their office back home, who knows their stuff. Nope, then they have to employ three more! Sooo, lets have one photocopy guy, one coffee maker and one cleaner. Because you just didn’t need anyone in the first place.

And Brazil isn’t growing as much as it was, by far, so should they not loosen up a little? The Brazilians love anything that is international, but even Zara is crazy expensive over there. I was told a jacket that cost €50 in Europe cost roughly €200 in Brazil, for the same jacket! AT ZARA! Not seen it with my own eyes, but I soon will.

I hope it works ok to have stuff sent over by post or something from Europe, cos until I have a job there I am not gonna have spare cash for overpriced new clothes.

Speaking of jobs, I wonder what I will end up doing in Sampa… Any suggestions?

I really hope Brazil has a good plan going on, I like the thought of living in the land of the future!

Love CJ


About CJ - Loving São Paulo

A Swede in Brazil. Whatever comes to mind; thoughts, inspiration, food ideas, baby stuff, life.. I will write about it when I have free time! Uma Sueca no Brasil. Seja o que for; pensamentos, inspiração, novas receitas, coisas de bebes, a vida... Se há tempo livre escrevo aqui!
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2 Responses to Brazil, the Country of the Future?

  1. Susan says:

    Just so you know, if you recieve a package here, when you to go the correios to pick it up you have to pay tax on what is inside (60% I believe) and if you don’t have the receipt included, they’ll look the product up on the Internet and find a ‘fair price’. And yes, they check your packages so don’t try to get sneaky 😉 they’re too clever! Bring lots of wine in your suitcase and they probably won’t find it. 😀 😀

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