Good Drops with Good Company!

On Wednesday two of Juniors friends came from Germany to surprise him for his birthday. Before the boys arrived I cleaned the house a bit, not too much, just enough for a good first impression. I have this thing where I just can’t clean without something to motivate me, so music and a glass of something is essential. We use to have bag in box wine at home so that I can access a glass without having to open a whole bottle and become more alcoholic, but we have run out. So I checked in Juniors little storage and checked the same box of wines I took from last time, I think. I could not quite recognize the name of the wine I got out so I sent Jr a text to ask if it was ok. As he was working he didn’t see my message and I ran out of patience. I opened it, had about two glasses and shared a third glass with the boys when they arrived too.

At midnight we went to surprise Jr, he was expecting me but not the boys of course. He looked confused, as if “I know these guys but something isn’t quite right”. We cheered with a bottle of Murganheira Super Reserva Brut which I had brought with me. This is a dry sparkling wine for only €10.35 in Garrafeira Nacional. Defo a good choice if you do not want to spend lots of money and still want quality!

While Jr closed up the wine bar we enjoyed some cheese and red wine and then, naturally, moved onto another wine bar, Artis. We had a bottle of wine there with some petiscos before we finally went home. Once at home Jr sees the message I had sent earlier. He mumbled: “no no…”. Erm, what? You mean, no as in N O?

Well Mr Wine Freak, too little too late!

With all these bottles all over the apartment hidden away, how could I have known that this easily accessible bottle of red, Antonia Adelaide Ferreira 2008, from Casa Ferreirinha was a wine he wanted to keep for many more years to mature in the bottle, a limited edition wine. Ok, we are not ruined, the wine was just under €50, but that is heaps for wine in Portugal! Yeah, a Barca Velha will cost over €300, or over €1000 for some years, but that’s different. To be classed a Barca Velha you need to be a real good wine, and be a grape from a real good year (only 17 harvests have qualified since the 1950’s) and have aged plenty in the bottle too. Just what is expected for the future of the one I drank. And I didn’t even leave some for him. Oh, and then I spent a whole €10.35 on a sparkling wine for his birthday… Wopsi!

Jr is a funny creature. Once he starts he just cannot stop. Ok so this time it was his birthday and all. At home he opened another (well his first that evening) bottle from Casa Ferreirinha, this time a Reserva Especial 2001 magnum. Now this is a real catch, as close to a Barca Velha as you can get without it being a Barca, and for half the price! It’s not a Barca. But just about. After this magnum he wasn’t satisfied. He didn’t see that most glasses were still full and we were all struggling to finish them, our eyelids half way down, most words being difficult to pronounce. He insisted that we have just one more. It was only 4am.

Next bottle was from a small vineyard in Lisbon, Adega da Caridade. I recently made friends with a girl of this family and she has provided Jr with a box to taste and consider for sale at the wine bar. As they are small you won’t find this wine easily, but a trip to their vineyard would give you the opportunity to both taste and buy bottles to take home. A very good wine; pleasant with lots of flavor!!

Love, CJ


About CJ - Loving São Paulo

A Swede in Brazil. Whatever comes to mind; thoughts, inspiration, food ideas, baby stuff, life.. I will write about it when I have free time! Uma Sueca no Brasil. Seja o que for; pensamentos, inspiração, novas receitas, coisas de bebes, a vida... Se há tempo livre escrevo aqui!
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