EAT Empório Restaurante

EATThe other day I went to have lunch at a fairly new place in Vila Olimpia, São Paulo, called EAT Empório. An interesting concept where quality meets convenience.

The large entrance invites you first to the coffee shop where you can enjoy a nice espresso with home-baked bread for breakfast before going to work. Walk through the delicatessen and you get to the restaurant, or if you are like me, to the Adega. It is all very simple; clean and inviting.

Lunch seems to be their strongest quality and my only experience with them so far, so that’s what I can comment on. I guess their idea is to provide meals with a good price/quality relationship to busy people in the area. I felt like I was in a lunch restaurant with fine dining treatment – efficiency is key at lunch and who wants to negotiate the quality of their food. At EAT I didn’t feel that I had to.

Rest EAT

The customer needs to take their tray along the bar area and pass by the invisible stations to get their food. The professional waiter will take care of you at your table; water, a side salad and home-made (divine) focaccia is included in your meal. If you decide to celebrate this lovely meal with a bottle of wine then their sommelier will of course recommend the right choice for your dish.

On the menu was, amongst other options, Risoto ao Ragu de Costela and Fettuccine Pomodoro. My risotto was cooked to perfection and the meat worked very well with it, a dish that was just a tiny bit too large for a starving woman meaning it should be fine for a hungry man. I did need to add some salt to my food but otherwise it was lovely.
The Fettuccine I didn’t taste as I was too busy with my own dish, and pasta is not my choice of food when I leave my own kitchen. But they get five stars for serving home-made pasta. Daily.Wine EAT

With our meal we shared a bottle of white wine from Chile, Los Boldos Chardonna. The bill was R$102.00 (approx €40), which was cheap considering the overall experience, and what Manuel, one of the proud owners, considers “a fair price”. I totally agree

Love, CJ


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