Adega Santiago, Shopping Cidade Jardim

adegasantiagoAs the taxi driver drops us off in the parking lot, I get a sudden feeling that i might be under-dressed. A young man show us to the elevator. There is a little lady in there, she sits on a stool and kindly greets us before asking which floor we are going to. She does her job flawlessly. The elevator takes us away, teasingly showing off the luxury world around us through its glass walls. As we finally reach the top floor we take the escalators  to reach our final destination. I felt like we were reaching for the stars, and right I was.

With stunning views and “amazingness” screaming at you, Adega Santiago has succeeded in creating first class dining in a shopping mall.

arola_vistaIn Brazil, shopping malls are often considered a place for the rich, where you only go if you have money to spend. I have been told about the exclusive malls to go to, just to say “I’ve been”. Well, that’s sad, but I have to confess, this one is pretty exclusive. And who wouldn’t want to have a “hands-free” shopping experience? Yup, they have people to carry your bags for you. Just in case you buy too many (heavy) million dollar necklaces.

Located in Morumbi, Shopping Cidade Jardim has its own Wikipedia page. It’s not all sunshine as social in-differences haunt this beautiful country like an evil ghost does it’s home.

After a long day of hard work of shopping around, you will need to feed at some point. And when I have the choice, I will definitely stop at Adega Santiago for a piece of meat that’s eager to melt in your mouth. I don’t remember what I ate, I just know it was angelic. Purely satisfying with a big gold star on the side.


The meal ended with more wine and possibly coffee and dessert, I forget. Although a creamy brigadeiro comes to mind. Before parting with my new-found lover, we are taken on a quick tour, again teased by the luxury around us. And the wines are screaming for us…

Love, CJ


About CJ - Loving São Paulo

A Swede in Brazil. Whatever comes to mind; thoughts, inspiration, food ideas, baby stuff, life.. I will write about it when I have free time! Uma Sueca no Brasil. Seja o que for; pensamentos, inspiração, novas receitas, coisas de bebes, a vida... Se há tempo livre escrevo aqui!
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