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açaiI set this blog up because I wanted to write. Because I really like to write. I tried setting up a blog for a while but didn’t know what to write about so when we decided to move to Brazil I thought what a great thing to write about. The blog started of with some regular posts about life in Lisbon, then when we got here I wrote mostly posts about stuff that have shocked me. And unfortunately those things are pretty negative. I don’t want to only write about bad stuff, nor do I want to seem like São Paulo is a bad place. So I decided to write about something good this time.

As I am writing this post, I have a purple paste on my legs and a bowl of açai next to me. Ha, they match. Anyway… I know the açai is a good thing cos I’ve had it before; I can only hope the gooey stuff on my legs is a good thing too. Otherwise I might have a problem in roughly 30 minutes.

It was the other day, when I was by the pool with a friend, Andrea, that I had to apologize several times for being so hairy. You see I wax, and the last time I went the woman told me I should not go so often because then I will get ingrown hair. She said to really leave it and let all the hair grow out before I come back next time. I don’t want ingrown hair so I am taking her advice hence I am a gorilla. I am blonde, but a lot of the hair on my legs have gone darker, probably from waxing and shaving in the first place. So today I remembered something. I have seen brazilian girls put on a paste on their legs on the beach and someone told me this is to bleach their body hair. Sounds totally odd to me, but I had to find out. Today I went to a pharmacy and one of the attendants came up to me asking if I needed help.

– “Yes, but I am not sure what I am looking for” I said. “Erm, my friend asked me to get her something but I forgot the name of it”. I made a face to show I think this is stupid and I would never do whatever it is I am looking for.

– “Oh ok, do you know what kind of product your friend wants? asked the young girl

– “Well, she said it was a paste for her legs, for the hair perhaps?”, I said innocently

– “Oh, you mean to make the hair lighter?”, she asked

– “Oh, that might be it” I said, lying through my teeth. “I don’t get it, I am not from here, but maybe that is what she wants”

The young girl showed me her dark-skinned arm and the blonde hair she had on it, and I realized I have definitely come to the right place. I made another puzzled face, looked at the package and said “ok, let me get this for my friend, hopefully it is the right stuff…”

As soon as I got home, I mixed the powder with the liquid and smeared it all over my legs and here I am. It tickles a bit but with the açai it’s all good. Açai by the way, comes in packages like ice cream does, and it is yummy. There is plain açai or açai with banana, strawberries and granola. It is also only about €3.50 for 500g, which is not bad at all I think. That brings me to the next good thing about Brazil.

EVERYTHING ISN’T THAT EXPENSIVE!! Everyone would warn me about the cost here so I was well prepared for the shock. Ok, imported stuff is expensive, for example Zara is at least 3 times more expensive than it is in Europe, as is wine, cheese and salmon. Rent is high, as is property prices. So that’s pretty shit. But other than that, normal food shopping is not that different and I spend the same here as I did in Lisbon for my weekly shopping. A draft beer, which is usually 30cl, is about €2.20, in Lisbon you pay almost the same for a 20cl. My leg hair bleach cost about €3.50, and I thought that was cheap! Metro and buss is €1.10 each way, but if you get a monthly pass or pre charged card it is probably cheaper. So yeah, it isn’t all that expensive!

Ok, I have been eating açai while writing and the TV is on so my 30 minutes have gone past quickly, gotta wash my legs. Let’s see the result!

Whoaaa, not only do I have white hair, my legs have become whiter too! It bleached my actual skin, not good!! But I am sure that will go back to normal in a bit, if not, won’t do it again! Bloody hell… it’s actually pretty cool with my blonde hair, now I don’t have to worry about waiting too long to do my next wax. Ha!! Picture evidence for you!

Hairy but blonde!

Hairy but blonde!

Picanha. I ate a lot of picanha in Portugal, but here it is way better. And it comes in all forms, in one bar it comes like a big meatloaf! And that is supposedly for two people…

The pastries. These are not doing my figure any favor but they are great. There are all kinds with all types of fillings, savory or sweet. There is a do it yourself ice-cream bar, not tried it yet but it is on my list. And right next to it there is a little kiosk that sells roasted nuts, they’re roasted right there so the smell is… I can’t describe it…

Fruit! Do you like fresh juice and smoothies made of actual fruit? Brazil is the place. There is fresh fruit juices offered everywhere and it isn’t expensive. I no longer buy strawberry jam, here I get whatever exotic fruit I feel like trying. Caipirinhas come with any fruit you can imagine!

TV is shit, but at least there are more than just four free channels. We only pay internet and nothing for an extra TV package, and we still have loads of channels. On a more negative note, I am sorry but I have to mention it, out of all the channels we have about 10% are religious and only one is in english and not dubbed. Needless to say I don’t watch much TV.

Shopping malls. I don’t generally like them, but it is a good option to do quick shopping and find everything in one place. That is very good in a large city like Sampa. And they have some really good malls. One mall had an ice-skating ring over Christmas. It was only about 35 degrees then… They have cinemas from out of this world, but still the option to pay normal price and go to normal cinema. Also, you will find good restaurants, wine bars and even beer bars in the mall, just as if they were another coffee shop. So being at the mall doesn’t mean you have to eat fast food. And, it means you can take your husband and place him in the wine bar while you do the shopping. This can be very convenient.

Picanha loaf

Picanha loaf

Brazilians. They are nice, helpful, genuinely interested, fun, lively, friendly, social… and God DAMN do they know how to move their big butts. Jeeeesus!! And how the hell did they all get those body shapes? Even the kids have perky butts. Un-freakin-fair. Was gonna add a pic of a brazilian body here but I just got upset looking at the pictures. I need to exercise more. To make me feel better I am adding a picanha picture from last week right here. Yum.

There are so many good things with São Paulo, and I hope to write more about them and not just criticize as many of my earlier posts have.

Love, CJ



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