Tragedy in Santa Maria, Brazil

I have lit a candle for Brazil

I have lit a candle for Brazil

It is a tragedy and I struggle to describe my feelings in words. I wasn’t there, I don’t know anyone who was there, I have not been through it myself. I only know that these kids went through terror, and now their friends and families are going through their worse nightmare.

Mothers have lost their sons, fathers have lost their baby girls. Friends, partners, classmates, children, sisters and brothers – they are gone. Over 200 of them. And why? Ignorance? Indifference? Stupidity? Greed? Well, probably a combination of all. What we need now is to let people grieve.

I remember as a child how I was learning what to do in the event of a fire in pre-school. It is still in my head; to look for the emergency exit, to crawl on the floor where the smoke is less thick, not to panic. But when you are in that situation, do you remember all this? I thought of what I would do if I was in there with my husband, the thought of losing him makes my mouth go dry and I get an unpleasant feeling in my throat. I told him yesterday night that we have to be more observant and look for exit signs when we go to places, almost in a panicky voice, but what I was actually thinking was “let’s just stay at home and never expose ourselves to any risk ever again”. Yeah yeah I know… but it’s what went through my head. And then I thought of our apartment, there are no fire alarms or sprinklers in the flat, and I am not even sure there are any in the whole building.

Thankfully Brazilians are warm-hearted and positive people, they will get through this tragedy together.

There are currently 236 young people confirmed dead in the club fire in the south of Brazil yesterday.

May they all rest in peace and bless their families.

Love, CJ


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