Sinking Champagne.

Champagne to be appreciated

Champagne to be appreciated

This post won’t turn out the way it was planned, because the plan was to blame the concept of “sinking” on some country other than that of my own. But unfortunately, “sinking” is a translation of the Swedish word “vaskning”. Sinking Champagne, or “Vaska Champagne” in Swedish, basically means you order a bottle of Champagne in a bar and ask the waiter to pour it all out.

It is also an excellent way to show the world what level your intelligence is at.

This was, or perhaps still is, a very new concept for me. I first heard about Sinking here in São Paulo when my Swedish friend told me about it. She and her Brazilian husband, who knows about this act of stupidity from having lived in Malmö, were talking about it and I had to stop them and embarrassingly ask what the hell they were on about. They explained it and I am not sure I really understood what they meant at first. Then I was in such awe that I immediately decided I would have to blog about it. About a month has passed and only today have I touched on the subject again and feel calm enough to vent. Because it’s what I need to do; vent. I need to get this off my chest!! Something must be seriously wrong. And when I googled it, I found there is a Wikipedia page about it. I almost cried a tear.

So why do people want to buy a bottle of Champagne only to pour it out in the sink? According to Wikipedia it might be a protest against the bars no longer allowing people to spray champagne (shake the bottle and spray it over people, a concept I might understand a bit if it involves sparkling wine and F1). So, the ban on spraying Champagne might have been the trigger in the few Jet-set areas of little Sweden, but there are always the wannabes, those who may or may not have some serious cash, who want to prove or pretend that they are rich. They will buy a bottle of Champagne, and when all the attention is on them, ask the waiter to sink it. And so he got the girl.

I had this conversation with one of my clients today (I prefer to call them clients than students) and we both agreed that this is not only an act of “ridiculousness”, but also a great way to get the girl. Because that is how lame women are, when looking for the man of their dreams, and it is how lame men are, when trying to get girls.

And it is what creates doubts about humanity.

I am obviously not rich, and although I love money and wish I was a millionaire, I decided to find a good man instead of looking for good cash that comes with a man. Of course you can be strategic when looking for your other half, but that’s a different blog post.

Here in Brazil there are big problems with poverty, yet the country is full of wealthy people, or at least people with a very good life. So the differences are huge. And one thing I find about the Brazilians is that they (generalizing) seem to look up to money. If someone is rich, they respect them more, no matter how they became rich. I might be a wealthy A class prostitute; if I drive a Porsche, have security all around me and live in a 10 bedroom flat in Jardins, then I am well-respected. If I am a D level prostitute, well then I’m just another whore. I can see the concept of Sinking coming to São Paulo, hopefully I am wrong, but here everyone seems to be looking for someone wealthy and showing off your wealth is just as, um, cool as it is in little Sweden. Yet Brazil must be one of the worse places to live in as a millionaire; you risk being kidnapped on a daily basis or, oh you know, murdered by your jealous cousin.

And as I thought I had just seen the worse of Sinking I find out that you don’t even need to go down the pub to do it, you can SMS a number and have it done that way. And with that I need to end this post and get back to MY real world…

…drinking Champagne and not let a single drop go to waste.





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