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Exhausting the worlds resources? Sure, as long as it doesn’t affect me directly…

We are living in the world we deserve; polluted, dangerous and with less and less animal life. I am no activist and I am definitely not an environmental genius. My family isn’t either, but it was always obvious that we … Continue reading

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My Kitchen: Banana Pancakes

I’m a big pancake fan, I could easily eat them every day with different toppings. It’s weird that after making them so often I still have to look up the recipe, gah! But anyway, I was googling for a healthier … Continue reading

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My Kitchen: Gooey Chocolate Muffins

I have a very sweet tooth. It’s so sweet that my doctor has told me that I am in the risk zone of having pregnancy diabetes. I even have a bit of it, but only a bit he said. Whatever … Continue reading

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My Kitchen: Kind of Ciabatta bread

I have done this bread several times before and it always turns out well. Actually, it’s the only bread I have ever baked since I first baked bread on my own sometime end of last year. It tastes good and … Continue reading

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New Menu: My Kitchen

I love to eat, drink and everything that comes with it. Well maybe not the cleaning up. But really there is nothing better than eating good food and drinking good wine with friends over good conversations. It’s priceless!

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Pregnancies are beautiful… right? Wrong.

It’s been 30 weeks since that little fish found its match, which means there are only 10 to go. I guess it’s time to start preparing. I feel like a baby-boom is happening as so many people I know are … Continue reading

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