About me


I want to blog. Everyone blogs and it seems like fun. And I love to write, so why not right? Yeah, I will blog. And as I am “in-between jobs” at the moment this is perfect timing to get started. By “in-between jobs” I mean I took redundancy from my work as a Mortgage & Protection Adviser a year ago and am moving to São Paulo in October where I plan to get a new one. No, not as a Mortgage Adviser…

I want to write about my last few months in Lisbon, the process of moving to Brazil and my new life in São Paulo. I am planning to love life in Sampa but I have a feeling there may be some frustration on the way too. But that’s only part of the journey right and I’m sure that can make some comic blog entries.

I’m able to move to Brazil easily as I am married to a brazilian man. I have dreamt about moving to Brazil in the past but when I met my husband, Jr, I had kind of forgotten about this dream and though we would just make some cute half breeds and stay in Portugal.

But, who am I? I’m just a regular young lady who love to eat, drink and socialize, so I might write a lot about that. I can be a bit silly, it happens naturally and makes life more fun!

Oh, and I love Julio.

Iglesias? Yep, that’s the one.

9 Responses to About me

  1. Kajsa says:

    Tack för din blogg!
    Mycket nyttiga saker att läsa, bor själv i Brasilia med man.

  2. Volomi says:

    Ola! I am curious to learn more about your birthing experience, I am an expat here in Brazil, 14 weeks pregnant wanting to know how to best plan natural birth in this country.. seems a bit frightening. Any advise will help! Thanks!

    • Hello Volomi and apologies for my late reply. I have not had much time and inspiration to write lately so rarely come on here. I had a normal birth (at Santa Joana hospital) but not natural, here it is so hard and expensive. I decided not to use my actual obstetrician as I was confident he would have done a C section.. So I just waited at home as long as I could and appeared at the hospital with 6 cm. I thought, if I wait until the last minute and am calm they won’t stress about “making me have” a c section. It worked, and there were 2 doctors on duty that day who delivered my babies. They were very nice but almost insisted I have anaesthesia, get cut to avoid tearing (they cut in preparation rather than only IF needed) and they push on the belly to get the baby out. If you want a natural birth google it and you will find a few, I remember I did. It usually isn’t included in the insurance so you will probably have to pay them on the side. They will provide information on how to prepare for a natural birth and I think you can even do it at home if you want. Or in a bathtub!! That must be great, I had a bath less an hour before our baby was born and it felt so relaxing. Good luck. If I find any more info I will let you know, I have a pregnant friend who wants natural birth too!

  3. Andrii says:

    é muito interessante!!! eu vou morar ao Brasil no mes que vem.

  4. kbeezyisviral says:

    Keep up on sharing your experiences in Brazil, and you will always have my support.

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