Full name: Caroline Jakobsson Pereira (let’s just keep it at that)
Born: July 11th, 1979 in Sweden
Lives: São Paulo as of November 2012
Marital status: Married ❤
Likes: To talk, drink wine and write
Hates: A lot of bad things
Favorite food: I like everything, unless you ask the husband.
Favorite indoor activity: Day dreaming about my future with a glass of wine, or writing with a glass of wine. Caipirinhas will do too.
Most played song on iPod: Bacalao with Julio Iglesias (don’t judge!)
Favorite form of exercise: Running
Sound I love: Wine being poured, soft background music (could be Julio) and the waves. All at once.
If I had to work on only one project for a year, it would be: My dream home
If I could know the answer to any question, it would be: The lottery numbers
Celebrity I get mistaken for: Nobody but have been told I look a like Adriane Galisteu by some nutters
What did I do growing up that got me into trouble: A lot. Stole money from mum’s purse & got caught. Twice.
What do I miss most about being a kid? Mum
At what age did I become an adult? TBA
The best part of waking up is:  Seeing my husband, unless he’s been naughty the day before
Stupidest comment ever made: “You mean babies in the womb don’t breathe (amniotic) water, like a fish…?”
My favorite body part: Well it sure isn’t my nose!


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