My Kitchen

IMG_20131009_125122I love to eat, drink and everything that comes with it. Well maybe not the cleaning up. But really there is nothing better than eating good food and drinking good wine with friends over good conversations. It’s priceless!

My problem is I’m really not a big cook, I don’t know how to mix and match. I need recipes for everything. I love food blogs where I can read all these recipes and why they do certain things in a certain order or way, how one ingredient can be substituted by another and what not. And those beautiful pictures always make me want to take a cooking class with photography as a side order. I look at these blogs in awe, everything is so beautiful and even their tools are gorgeous. I have none of that, no fancy kitchen tools and usually the end result isn’t especially pretty either. I just don’t have an eye for design and creativity. I do love interior design and google “DIY art & craft” often but it just isn’t in my blood to figure it out on my own.

So I thought I should make a little collection of all the recipes I try, so that I have them in one place. Then make little notes of what went wrong, and if I do change anything in the recipe I can make notes to say how that worked. And what’s not a better place to for this collection that right here on my blog so I can share it with aaaaall you faithful followers :)

Maybe you have something to add, maybe you can learn something from me (doubtful) or maybe I just end up posting a recipe that you like.

You will find all my food posts under the “My Kitchen” menu, they will be added as and when I experiment, starting with… today!

Bon apetit!

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