Mamães de SP


Chegou a hora de fazer uma parte no meu blog em português. Como sou Sueca o meu português não é perfeito e ainda aprendi português em Portugal. Portanto é provável que misturo o português das Portugas com o das Brasucas. Qualquer coisa faça um comentário, se for para esclarecer algo ou para me corrigir. Ou para me dar sua opinião!

Esta parte vai ser dedicada a minha vida como mãe; as minhas experiências, opiniões e pensamentos. Decidi escrever sobre isto em português porque na verdade quero “falar” principalmente com as brasileiras. Não é para criticar ou julgar mas, simplesmente, para comparar e discutir o papel de mãe e as diferenças entre uma mãe Sueca e uma mãe Brasileira. Continue reading

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And so we were three…

IMG-20140323-WA0004Who would have thought life could become this. I liked my life before, but now…? It is like running barefoot across a field of humid green grass and flowers almost as tall as you on a warm summers day, you’re a kid on summer break and your family is waiting for you at the other end with a picnic. Everyone is together. A golden retriever wags its tail and granny has made those amazing pancakes… It’s one of those things that are so natural and common, yet make you feel free, happy and confident. Alive!

I have now been given the opportunity to pay it forward. My life changed ten days early, on the 18th of March our baby girl was born. And what a beautiful little thing. I know all parents think so about their newborns but, actually, newborns are pretty ugly. Except for our Lily, my husband and I are convinced that she really was beautiful from the first minute. Continue reading

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My Kitchen: Lime Meringue Pie

IMG_20140312_175014I have written about being an immigrant in the past and I still love it, although many would argue I am not an immigrant but rather, a foreigner. The difference? Your own interpretation.

But there are downsides too. Being a foreigner means you are often friends with other foreigners, and that means people come and go a lot. Last week was one of those weeks where one friend came back (yey) and one friend left us (boo). To relieve our dear friend of the stress of packing and moving I invited her for lunch, and I made this delicious lemon pie topped with meringue for dessert. It was very yummy, so I wanted to share it with you. Continue reading

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In São Paulo… part 3

For part 1 click here and part 2 here

In São Paulo…

21) …it’s normal to be invited to someones home, whether you really know them or not, and be treated like an old friend.

22) …pregnant women are treated with utmost respect, almost to the point that pregnancy seems to be an illness. Continue reading

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How to get a Permanent Visa in Brazil – part 2

I wrote about the first steps in this post if you are interested.

So after handing in all the documentation to the Federal Police I was told to keep an eye out for a publication in the Diário Oficial da União (DOU) where it would say whether my application for permanent residency has been approved or denied. Once I saw my name I bought that issue of the DOU (as I was told I needed the original – stupid). Continue reading

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37 weeks


The baby room

On Friday I’m 37 weeks pregnant, that means our baby is “full term” and can be born any time. When I think about it, that my husband and I will become a family, we’ll be three… I don’t know, it’s just surreal!

It still sounds funny to me when I call him my husband, so grown up!! Continue reading

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In São Paulo… part 2

(For part 1 click here)

In São Paulo…

10) …if nobody saw it, then it didn’t happen. Especially in traffic.

11) …God is a big deal, he is in, like, every sentence.

12) …they think you are a lunatic for wanting a vaginal birth. Continue reading

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In São Paulo… part 1

some (generalised) observations, many which may well apply to the country but, as the name suggests, this is about Sampa! So…

In São Paulo… Continue reading

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Evil Internet

The internet has everything, there is almost no excuse for anyone not to know something these days because of it. We can find the answer to it all online. Of course, you would also need to check, and check again, the source from where the information has come or you might just end up reading a fairy tale.

I love the internet, I spend lot’s of time on the net each day. But it also scares me at times, to think of the horrible things that’s on there. Yesterday was one of those times. Continue reading

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Exhausting the worlds resources? Sure, as long as it doesn’t affect me directly…

df980728We are living in the world we deserve; polluted, dangerous and with less and less animal life. I am no activist and I am definitely not an environmental genius. My family isn’t either, but it was always obvious that we should care for other humans and other beings. It was part of my upbringing, and it was part of the education I got in the Swedish school.

For example, as a child I was never allowed to throw chewing gum on the ground because it could hurt a smaller animal such as a bird. They could mistake it for food and consequently have their beak “glued” together. They would starve to death. A gum would also get stuck under my shoe now and then. It was annoying but just a bad side effect, nothing more. But is it really true that gum can kill a bird? I’m starting to wonder because I find that if I see an adult throwing a gum in the bin it is only because of the shoe issue, not the possible death of a bird. Continue reading

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